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IndiPRO Tools Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light Kit

IndiPRO Tools Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light Kit

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This LED Light is a lightweight on-camera light offering continuously adjustable color temperature from 3200K tungsten to 5600K daylight via a dial on the rear. It also features a digital display on the rear that provides color temperature, brightness, and battery info. Aside from specifying your settings, this display enables you to efficiently match the output of additional units or to note down your settings for potential repeat setups. This light also offers interlocking rails all around that allow multiple units to be stacked on top of and side-by-side one another. The light comes with an L-Series battery, battery charger, car lighter charging adapter, AC power-supply, removable four leaf barn-door assembly, softbox cover, diffusion filter, and shoe mount adapter. An L-series battery plate is integrated on the rear. The barn doors allow you to manipulate the beam angle for varying applications. The diffusion filter can be used with the barn doors attached or removed. Brightnes

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Nikon D3300 with Two Lens Kit 18-55 AF-P and 55-200 VR II

Nikon D3300 with Two Lens Kit 18-55 AF-P and 55-200 VR II: "

Limited Time Offer: Save $460

The Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera With 18-55mm AF-P VR Zoom Lens is a compact and versatile camera with a 24.2megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 4 image processor. Even with all the technology behind the camera, it features a bunch of creative and helpful shooting modes to help you get the most out of it with a minimum of work. More experienced photographers will be delighted that the camera also allows more advanced control than can be found with point&shoot cameras or cellphones. At the heart of the camera, the sensor and processor provide high resolution imaging and outstanding low light sensitivity out to an expandable ISO 25600 with 5FPS continuous shooting and full HD 1080P Video recording ability. The sensor is backed up with an 11-point autofocus system for quick and accurate focus in a variety of lighting conditions."

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